Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Redistricting -- what happened?

As I posted this morning, there appears to have been technical difficulties with the system to provide live streaming online coverage of today's meeting of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission.  However, thanks to a faithful reader of the Arizona Eagletarian, I have some information on what took place today.

Roughly three dozen members of the public (not counting commissioners and staff) attended. Several members of the public offered comments about some now familiar themes.  Residents from Pinal County (Saddlebrook Ranch) and Rita Ranch (currently in LD30) and other areas expressed concern for keeping their Communities of Interest in the same districts; at least one person again mentioned displeasure with Lisa Hauser not being given a legal services contract by the AIRC.  At least two former candidates for Congress from Tucson (Republican Randy Graf and Democrat Jeff Latta) attended today.

Someone also apparently was displeased about the amount of public notice given ahead of IRC meetings.  Privately, if not publicly, some attendees noted that if people had been reading the Arizona Eagletarian regularly, they would know well ahead of time when meetings are scheduled.

The Commission retired into executive session for two hours this morning and another two hours this  afternoon to discuss mapping consultant proposals.  They decided to invite four of the bidders to make presentations on Friday next week (June 24).  If all goes well, two firms will interview in the morning and two in the afternoon, after which commissioners will vote on which firm(s) to offer a contract.  The invitees are: Strategic Telemetry (based in Washington, DC) ; NDC (National Demographics Corp.; offices in AZ and CA); Research Advisory Services (based in Phoenix); and TerraSystems SW (based in Tucson).

When I am able to listen/watch the recording of today's meeting, I will update this post.

UPDATE - 4pm Thursday:

The recording from yesterday's meeting has not yet been posted to the IRC website, so it might be Saturday before I am able to listen to it and report more detail.

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