Thursday, September 16, 2021

When will the AZ "Independent" Redistricting Commission start opening up its business meetings for people to attend?

We know that Gov. Doug Ducey has been adamant about our schools being open for in-person instruction.

We also know that the AIRC has yet to have ANY of its (Tuesday) business meetings open for citizens and news media to attend in person.

Why is that the case for the AIRC?

I had been under the impression that the ENTIRE purpose of Prop 106 (besides the reason STATED at the top of the ballot language: "to oversee the mapping of fair and competitive congressional and legislative districts"was to bring the process out of the smoke-filled rooms where partisans could draw maps without being bothered by Arizona citizens/voters. 

Citizens have informed me that -- despite the IRC getting news outlets to tout its new citizen mapping tool -- that said online software is NOT user friendly AND that the mapping consultant has indicated it would NOT provide assistance to citizens trying to use it. That situation stands in direct contrast to how Strategic Telemetry (Haystaq DNA) conducted itself during the 2011 redistricting process.

Again, WHY is that?

It occurs to me that under current chair Erika Neuberg, the AIRC will ONLY accommodate citizens/voters when she sees that the commission will (like a toddler testing a parents rules and boundaries) no longer allow them to get away with keeping citizens out of the process.

Remember how much fuss Wendy Rogers, Doug York and David Mehl stirred up (think striking hornets' nests with a baseball bat) when they feared Haystaq DNA could possibly qualify for the mapping consultant contract? 

Again, WHY is that?