Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Redistricting -- Hauser protest response

The Arizona State Procurement Office reviewed Lisa Hauser's protest of the AIRC legal services procurement determination that Gammage & Burnham was "not susceptible for award" and on June 23 issued a 10 page response denying in part and sustaining the protest in part.

The essence of Hauser's protest was that she appeared to have felt slighted by being so labeled.

The response states,"...the determination that other the offerors were not susceptible of award was a procedure decision, not any sort of determination that the law firms involved were not highly-qualified or inexperienced or substandard in any way."  The sole purpose of the determination was to allow SPO to negotiate pricing with the two firms with which the Commission would ultimately award contracts.

The response indicates that the selection committee was comprised of all five members of the AIRC.  The evaluation report with the final scores was signed by all five members.  Prior experience, which Hauser obviously had, was only one of the factors used in the scoring.

The response is public record.  I would be happy to forward the PDF file of the response to interested readers (send me an email at the address listed in the left hand column of the blog). 

Any conclusion others may have made that the AIRC acted improperly in selecting Osborne Maledon and Ballard Spahr to award contracts is countered by the fact that the evaluation of all offerors and the scores given on the record are signed by all five members of the selection committee (all five members of the AIRC).

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