Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Redistricting tidbits

As previously posted, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet tomorrow morning (June 15), 9:30am in the Council Chambers of the Town of Oro Valley.

Other than public comments, the primary agenda item is discussion (likely to be held in executive session) of mapping consultant proposals, listed here with links to bidders' websites.

This morning, I heard back from Alan Ecker, State Procurement Office spokesman about Lisa Hauser's legal services contract protest.  He provided only two bits of information: that "susceptible for award" is a "term of art" among procurement professionals (and that it is apparently somewhere in the State Procurement Code, which is found in Arizona Revised Statutes Title 41, Chapter 23); and that the SPO response to Hauser's protest will be released on Friday.  He will not be able to comment further on the protest until the response is made public.  He did say he would call me back to let me know where in the procurement code I can fine the expression "susceptible for award."

My hunch is that SPO will tell Hauser "tough luck" or some variation of that expression.

AIRC exec. dir. Bladine told me today that he expects the citizen outreach hearings to begin the first week of July.  ASU Political Science Professor Jennifer Steen told me that June 11th was the 10-year anniversary of the first public hearing by the first AIRC.

Besides the public mapping contest sponsored by the Arizona Competitive Districts Coalition, community leaders in Flagstaff have already been working on proposals to submit regarding where to draw legislative districts in northern Arizona.

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