Monday, May 30, 2022

Who is responsible for INFLATION?

Professor Robert Reich makes a strong case for a Windfall Profits Tax that rebates money to consumers who are paying exorbitantly higher prices that are currently being charged by PROFITEERS (price gouging)  caused by lack of competition.

The economic situation is massive upward WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION from workers and consumers to the top 1 percent (oligarchs and plutocrats).

Just after 9 minutes into this clip, Reich poignantly makes the distinction that the US economy is corporate-centered but should be PEOPLE-centered.

So, when CORPORATE media, highlighted by Right-Wing media blaming the current POTUS, that is complete fabrication.

In other words, Big Corporations are gouging consumers solely BECAUSE THEY CAN. That is why we must STOP DARK MONEY in Arizona and in Washington DC.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Some Wisdom from the Ages

Some food for thought. 

Curated by Ryan Holiday at and on Instagram and Twitter.

And one from the current age.

And from 60 Minutes in 2018

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Gilded Age Rebranding

Entrepreneurship is about recognizing opportunity and figuring out how to exploit it for profit. 

Previously, when oil shortages (for whatever reason) have pushed gas prices up, the chief executive of the American federal government authorized opening up our country's strategic petroleum reserves. Last fall, President Biden authorized such a release and again a month ago even more from those reserves. In the Phoenix area, gas prices have NOT gone down as a result of the releases over the last month. 

New York (CNN Business) ExxonMobil took at $3.4 billion charge for exiting its business in Russia in the first quarter, but it still posted sharply higher profits on high oil prices.
Revenue at ExxonMobil soared 53% to $90.5 billion. Even with the charge for exiting Russia, net income doubled to $5.4 billion. And excluding special items, its income more than tripled to $8.8 billion from $2.7 billion a year earlier.

My observation, when at times, gas price gouging appeared to be creeping up, it was held at bay because oil companies feared Congress might consider price regulation, or they even feared consumer backlash. Nixon, before even the OPEC oil embargo in 1973, embraced radical wage and price controls.

Why aren't they afraid of it this time? #KyrstenSinema and #JoeManchin have demonstrated that they can and will shut down any legislation that would in any way protect Main Street/consumers and working class Americans at the expense of their corporate benefactors. 

This situation today most definitely is NOT Biden's fault. #OneVOICE!

We are in a new gilded age.