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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hurray for clean air!

The Arizona Corporation Commission has decided to wait another month before considering a request to allow Mohave County to build a trash burning electricity generating facility in Maricopa County.  The item was on the agenda for today's ACC open meeting, but at the request of Commissioner Sandra Kennedy put it off until July.

The request (ACC docket number E-01750A-10-0453) will, if approved, allow Mohave Electric Cooperative, Inc. to meet renewable energy requirements until 2023 without building any new generating facilities using solar or wind.  To get an idea about the Phoenix area's air quality now select Arizona on the EPAs AIRNow website.    Do you want to have to breathe air made even more toxic by burning trash on the west side of Maricopa County (prevailing winds would push the exhaust over most county residents most of the time)?

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