Friday, June 10, 2011

Redistricting update

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission continues to gear up for the real work it needs to do, redrawing the Congressional and legislative districts for the state to be used in elections for the next 10 years.

We learned just two days ago that Lisa Hauser, Republican counsel for the first AIRC in 2001, protested her disqualification from this year's redistricting.  As reported here previously, the only relief she requested was reversal of the determination that her law firm, Gammage and Burnham, was "not susceptible for award."  Hauser's protest letter is 12 pages long.  State Procurement Office PIO Alan Ecker told me this afternoon that exhibits Hauser submitted with her letter total about 300 pages.

I posed several questions to Mr. Ecker today.  He promised to get back to me with answers on Monday morning.

Questions remain as to whether Hauser's protest is strictly symbolic or whether she did this to lay the foundation for future action.

Also this week, on a different subject, AIRC exec. dir. Bladine told me he has acquired access to approximately 70 boxes of documents from the 2001 AIRC.  He expects to review many of those documents to get insight on what was done last time and what can be done differently this time.  Counsel will also review documents from IRC litigation to prepare for whatever they may face in the months to come.

Yesterday, the mapping consultant RFP closed.  Seven companies submitted timely proposals. Some are local firms, some regional or national. Looking at looking at company websites, it's clear some are either new to redistricting or are only capable of addressing portions of the RFP. The bidders are:

Strategic Telemetry Inc.  Based in Washington, DC.

Research Advisory Services.  Local firm founded by Tony Sissons.

National Demographics Corporation.  Offices in Arizona and California.  Founded in 1979.  President Douglas Johnson was quoted today in the North County Times (N. San Diego County & SW Riverside County, CA) as a fellow of the Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College.

NAVTEQ North America LLC.  An apparently HUGE company boasting more than 1000 geographic analysts but not indicating experience in redistricting in describing its work for government entities.

Azavea Inc.   based in Philadelphia.

GIS Southwest, Inc  Phoenix based company.

TERRASYSTEMS SOUTHWEST INC.  Tucson based company.


The next meeting of the AIRC is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, at 9:30am.  The agenda will be posted Monday morning.  I understand the meeting will be at the government offices of the Town of Oro Valley

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