Monday, June 27, 2011

Redistricting -- potential mapping consultant

Following up on yesterday's post about the mapping consultant interviews, the Arizona Eagletarian has learned that a current Arizona client of National Demographics Corporation is dissatisfied with the contractor.

This year, Yuma County contracted with Doug Johnson's NDC to assist in redrawing it's supervisorial districts. Two Yuma County Redistricting Advisory Commissioners, Republican Phil Townsend (Advisory Commission chair) and Democrat Alicia Aguirre told the Arizona Eagletarian that they are dissatisfied that National Demographics has failed to meet deadlines and provide the draft maps on a timely basis.  Ms. Aguirre said she refuses to approve maps presented on the same day they are scheduled for a vote.

Video of the Advisory Committee's June 20th meeting can be found here.

Add these concerns to former AIRC Commissioner Andi Minkoff's comments on Friday and the letters she wrote to Redistricting Commissions here in Arizona as well as California and NDC's professionalism is seriously in question.  Will the weight of the evidence be heavy enough to cause Arizona's five commissioners to think twice (or three or four times) before voting to contract with NDC this year?

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