Monday, June 27, 2011

Redistricting -- another tidbit from Friday's meeting

One of the public comments prior to the mapping consultant interviews was made by Shirl Lamonna.  Her comment is noteworthy in that it was essentially the same thing that someone, usually from Pima County, has said at each and every AIRC meeting since the legal services contract was awarded to Joe Kanefield and his firm, Ballard Spahr.  In essence, that it was a travesty for the Commission to not honor the wishes of the two Republican members and hire Lisa Hauser instead of Kanefield.

A quick google search for Shirl Lamonna shows that she is or has been involved with two groups on the social networking website  Those two groups are Smart Girl Politics and Arizona Tea Party Network.  Several people have made public comments over the last couple of months at AIRC meetings citing their affiliation with each group (though not necessarily those websites).

One has to give them credit for utilizing social media for political organizing and activism.  Though it would be a shame if those ended up being the only groups succeeding in doing so regarding this year's Arizona redistricting.

Those wanting to take a lesson from Ms. Lamonna may watch her testimony before the AIRC in the first several minutes of the recording for the June 24th meeting.

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