Friday, April 22, 2011

Much ado about Clean Elections

In the flurry to end the regular session, our "honorable" state senators and representatives worked diligently to silence the Arizona voter. Arizona Eagletarian readers already know that this "august" body recently approved a measure to ask voters to change their minds about the Citizens' Clean Elections Act.

However, unlike the "Birther" bill and the "Guns on Campus" bill -- both vetoed by Gov. Brewer -- SCR1025 went straight from the legislature to the Secretary of State.  Secretary Ken Bennett is now required to put the Undermining Clean Elections referendum on the general election ballot for November 2012.

Word is already on the street that promoters of UNclean elections are gearing up for the campaign.

Advocates working to minimize corporate influence in Arizona elections are also strategizing.

If YOU or anyone you know has advocated for or participated in either the Clean Money campaign finance program (for Tucson city council and mayoral races) or Clean Elections anywhere in Arizona, you can help. 

If you were a participating candidate, have contributed either "seed money" or $5 donations to help candidates qualify for Clean Elections funding, or if you have made contributions directly or through state income tax check offs to the Clean Elections fund, you can help with this effort.

To find out more, email Linda Brown at the Arizona Advocacy Network.

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