Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission -- April 14th meeting

The next meeting of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will start at 10am on Thursday, April 14.  The location is 800 W Washington Street, 1rst Floor Auditorium (Arizona Industrial Commission building).

Public comment is on the agenda before most of the action that will take place (this is how they normally do it). 

Discussion and possible action on the following items are included in the agenda.
  • Office space rental
  • Website 
  • Procurement options for audio/visual equipment (for streaming video of meetings on the internet).
  • Budget/Appropriations
  • IRC Timeline
  • Request for DOJ presentation on the preclearance process
  • Obtaining county census data
  • Interviews of 5 candidates for IRC executive director (expected to take place in exec session).
No mention on the agenda of the RFPs for legal and mapping consultants.  Interim IRC executive director Megan Darian indicated the RFPs have not yet been approved or released to the public.  No word yet on when approval and release is expected.

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