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Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Miranda who wrote this...

... claims to have written this,
For the first time in my life, I am supporting a Republican candidate for governor. I am proud to endorse Doug Ducey. We can no longer afford to compromise by electing career political insiders [even though Miranda's legislative voting record shows that she is very much a GOP insider]. As a native Arizonan and a sitting state legislator, I am faced with the consequences of the current economic climate every day. Our schools are underperforming, our businesses have been slow to recover and state revenues are falling short of projections. Doug Ducey is the only candidate I trust to improve Arizona because he has an honest, straightforward approach. [She may trust him. She's the one who sold out to him. As to Ducey's approach, it is just about as far from straightforward as one can get. He persistently avoids answering unpleasant questions that would allow voters to see what he really intends to do. How can anyone in their right mind consider that honest?]
The coming generations will be faced with unique trials and challenges. The choice you make today will define Arizona. This election isn’t about Republican or Democrat, but rather selecting the best leader for our state. Doug Ducey is the only candidate with a proven record [yes, proven to enrich himself at the expense of small business owners and federal taxpayers] and the capability to unify our residents behind a singular vision. I know he will put politics aside and achieve positive outcomes for our students, teachers, first responders, business owners and hardworking families. [How exactly does she know? Hint: she doesn't because he won't.]
Today, our families are faced with two major challenges – our education system is failing our students and our economic recovery has been sluggish. I have dedicated much of my professional life to improving our school system. As a mother, former principal and teacher, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of putting more dollars into the classroom [yet, Scrooge McDucey fully intends to continue to fight the courts and the will of the voters who demand more money be put into education] and the significance of retaining great teachers. Doug Ducey has a comprehensive vision to improve our education system and ensure our students are prepared for a prosperous future.
The families in my district are struggling to find high quality employment opportunities. We don’t need more political talking points, like let’s “grow the middle class,” we need a governor who has a proven business record of creating jobs. Doug Ducey is the only candidate who has real business experience and understands exactly what it takes to grow our economy [actually, no he doesn't. McDucey created minimum wage jobs for students at ice cream parlors, but has no clue that he will be unable to kickstart the economy with austerity]. Our families cannot afford more empty promises from career insiders and lifelong lobbyists. What we need now is authentic, trustworthy leadership – we need Doug Ducey as governor. [How exactly can a candidate who brown noses Charles and David Koch at a SECRET meeting, and who persistently refuses to answer even the softest of pointed questions be reasonably considered "authentic?" Further, the "strategic agility" Ducey claims to represent requires openness. How can a guy -- who refuses to answer the questions voters need to ask -- claim to value openness?]

We have the grit and determination to make critical reforms that will benefit our kids and families [Here you have what appears to be a subliminal disclosure that this screed was ghostwritten by a Ducey operative. Make no mistake, Catherine Miranda is incapable of writing anything as polished as this]. Arizona was built by industrious entrepreneurs, forged by our work ethic and driven by our commitment to providing better outcomes for our families. But it’s not just about fixing education and improving the economy: Our next governor has to be strategically agile [code for the bait and switch scam he's working right now] in order to systematically resolve new challenges that will arise.

Join me in supporting Doug Ducey for governor. Let’s put politics and party designation aside because together, we can make the best decision for Arizona. Doug’s vision will help us grow our businesses, create great jobs, improve our schools and most importantly, give each and every one of us equal opportunity to succeed. [The problem is that Doug doesn't tell people what his vision is. We can only infer based on the dog-whistle code, Freudian slips and company he keeps that his vision is tax cuts for the wealth which boils down to voodoo economics, austerity measures and Kansas-like measures of oppression.]
I wholeheartedly endorse Doug Ducey for governor because he will provide opportunity for all [by "all" she means, "me, Catherine Miranda"].
If you don't want to believe that Scrooge McDucey is all about oppression, you may have a hard time with the fact that he embraced Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve. Murray's work justifies treating minorities as inferior. From a government perspective, this rationalizes discrimination in housing, employment and education.

The bottom line is that there is no way on God's green Earth that Catherine Miranda wrote that bullshit... as well, the reality of Scrooge McDucey is as far away from providing opportunity for all as a candidate can get.

This means that the Arizona Capitol Times and Catherine Miranda both epitomize disingenuousness. Miranda because it's increasingly obvious she has sold out her legitimate constituents. The Cap Times for being her enabler.

Here's your Scrooge McDucey strategic agility on education. Remember, he has said without equivocation that he intends to fight the court order to increase school funding.

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