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Arizona Eagletarian

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mario Diaz is at it again... spending Dark Money to support Catherine Miranda

Mario F(***ing) Diaz sent out another mailer in support of Catherine Miranda.

The other side of the mailer says something to the effect that "Most politicians make a lot of noise..."

Diaz claims that Catherine Miranda gets things done. Which is, beyond ALL doubt, bullshit.

Mario cites four examples. Before I cite the actual record for each of those examples, it's important to note that "worked to hold schools accountable" is not an accomplishment. It's an action. In NOT ONE of this listed items in Miranda's record is there ANY indication that she got ANYTHING actually accomplished. Not one!

  • Worked to hold schools accountable for not enforcing anti-bullying standards. HB2135 from the 50th Legislature, Second Regular Session (2012) -- Miranda was a sponsor. The bill was NOT even heard in committees. NOTHING accomplished.
  • Fought for our veterans to have access to job opportunities. HB2484 51st Legislature, First Regular Session (2013). A bi-partisan bill with more than 50 sponsors, Miranda was only a co-sponsor, not a prime sponsor. With that many sponsors, it is more than fair to say that since the bill did not become law, she didn't fight very hard. NOTHING accomplished.
  • Advocated for public investments (state government spending) to go to local businesses. HB2392 50th Legislature, Second Regular Session (2012). Miranda was a sponsor but the bill never was heard in committees. NOTHING accomplished.
  • Championed affordable education for DREAMers. HCR2016, 50th Legislature Second Regular Session (2012) would only have (if passed) presented the issue to voters in the 2012 general election. Miranda was a sponsor. The measure was never heard in committees. NOTHING accomplished.
When you read the word "champion" does that make you think of somebody that introduced a bill that died without being heard in any committee? Miranda is a champion of NOTHING.

On the other hand, Miranda did advocate in 2013 for Arizona Public Service to get out of being held accountable for environmental risks at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. The bill passed.

This time, since Miranda faces no opposition of note in the general election, it's likely Mario's goal is to increase the number of votes cast for the LD27 senate seat -- with a view to making a recall election more difficult.
A number of qualified electors equaling twenty-five per cent of the number of votes cast at the last preceding general election for all the candidates for the office held by the officer, even if the officer was not elected at that election, divided by the number of offices that were being filled at that election, by recall petition, may demand the officer's recall.
I said no opposition of note. There is a Republican candidate who will be on the ballot opposite Miranda. However, that candidate, Natalie Taswell, did not take the usual route to get on the ballot. On July 17, Ms. Taswell filed papers to be a write-in candidate after having registered a campaign committee on July 9. But the deadline for nominating petitions was in May.

On page 6 of the official canvass for the 2014 primary, it shows Republican write-in candidate Taswell received 151 votes qualifying her as the only candidate to oppose Miranda in the general election. Another indication that Taswell is inexperienced and unprepared for a legitimate campaign is that she filed her post primary campaign finance report late and has accrued a fine of $140. However she reported neither having received any campaign contributions nor made any expenditures.

The bottom line is that for some reason, Dark Money operator Mario F***ing Diaz and his benefactors continue to invest time and money into Miranda. But her days as an Arizona lawmaker are numbered.

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