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Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dedicated to John Kavanagh and Catherine Miranda -- and to VOTERS, Caveat Emptor

There are more lawmakers and other candidates for whom this song rings true, but I dedicate it to my dear friends John Kavanagh and Catherine Miranda who brazenly offer their services to the highest bidder. Enjoy the Haymarket Squares!

In the spirit of Caveat Emptor, there has to be a better way to evaluate candidates. Incessant attack ads on television cause voters to tune out, don't they? And those shiny, colorful over-sized postcards how much help are they?
Caveat emptor [(kav-ee-aht, kah-vee-aht emp-tawr)]
Latin for “Let the buyer beware.” It means that a customer should be cautious and alert to the possibility of being cheated: “Caveat emptor is the first rule of buying a used car.”
This, of course, is the whole reason I have offered analysis on the track record, words and campaign finances of some of the sinister or incompetent, mostly Republican candidates this year.

Debates can be one mechanism for "kicking the tires." But Scrooge McDucey, Michele Reagan, Mark Brnovich, Diane Douglas as well as Doug Little and Tom Forese all did their best to either avoid debates altogether or refuse to answer uncomfortable questions (or both). So how can voters have reasonable basis for casting their votes for these state wide office Republicans?

In most cases, the candidates still offered slick sales brochures (websites and mailers touting themselves). But you can only expect to get what the candidate wants to tell you about themselves there. Don't you need more information than just what the salesman/women want to give you in order to feel comfortable marking your ballot?

Additional key senate races, if these sell out Republicans can be knocked out of office, will make a tremendous difference. That would include Steve Yarbrough, Kimberly Yee, Don Shooter, and Jeff Dial. Each faces a credible, quality Democratic candidate.

So, voter, be aware of as much as possible for every candidate for whom you cast a vote.

If you want to put Arizona on a new path, elect Paula Pennypacker, Kristie O'Brien, Patty Kennedy, Terri Woodmansee, and Janie Hydrick to the Arizona Senate. Well, vote for Democrats in whichever race you can this year. Especially those campaigning with Clean Elections funding.

Let's Turn AZ Blue!

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