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Arizona Eagletarian

Friday, October 10, 2014

Clean Elections debate -- watch Kavanagh get numerous things wrong

On Thursday last week, I blogged about the Clean Elections debate between successful small business owner Paula Pennypacker (D-Scottsdale) and major embarrassment to Arizona John Kavanagh (R-Private Prison Industry/Fountain Hills).

Kavanagh, of course, has for several years enjoyed the perks and benefits that come with being chairman of the House Appropriations committee. He now thinks he deserves to inherit the senate seat currently occupied by Republican Secretary of State candidate Michele Reagan.

John generally does not hide from the media or voters, unlike numerous Republicans including statewide candidates Scrooge McDucey, Ms. Reagan, Mark Brnovich and Diane Douglas; as well as numerous Republican legislative candidates, including lobbyist gift whore Jeff Dial (who skipped out on the LD18 senate debate just last night).

In last Thursday's blog post, I detailed several areas on which Kavanagh got it very wrong. With the video now posted to YouTube, you can see for yourself. If you're not inclined to watch the entire debate, you can fast forward to the time references as follows.
  1. He considers himself a victim of Dark Money from 13:25 - 14:32 into the recording.
  2. On the subject of municipal sign ordinances and whether Fountain Hills regulates political sign display. 17:00 - 18:50, Kavanagh jumps both feet first in a big puddle of mud.
  3. On the subject of the Tesla bill, 37:33 - 40:03
  4. Kavanagh's parting cheap shot is at 57:20.
Regarding Tesla, Kavanagh described a meeting in his office that included lawyers from Detroit, after which he "just couldn't get his bill heard." Yet, the auto dealers paid off Kavanagh with a handsome $2,000.00 campaign contribution.

On the other hand, Pennypacker makes it clear that she refuses to take money from special interests, while Kavanagh obviously takes money from several, most notably the private prison industry.

Please enjoy the video.

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