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Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Catherine Miranda -- the saga continues... and will continue

It looks like Catherine's loyal son, Gavin Tucker, has taken up the cause to defend his mother's honor on Facebook.

Someone took screenshots and forwarded them to me.

It reads:
For those of you who are TRYING to bash my mother for actions SHE has taken, always remember one thing... NEVER judge ANYTHING you are not educated about. OF COURSE it looks crazy from outsiders who have NO CLUE why that's because GOD didn't choose you to change the world.
HE chose her. It's not a position for small minded people to understand or grasp. There is ALWAYS a positive reason why decisions are made that MANY of us WILL NEVER understand because YOU are not in the shoes of a woman who is about to not only change the state of Arizona... but the world.
GOD didn't give you HER vision or strength to make a change that NO ONE HAS EVER DONE IN THE HISTORY OF POLITICS. They say the shoe can always fit no matter whose foot its [sic] on.... these days seem like SHE is squeezing in them.
Whoever wore them before just wasn't thinking big enough or outside the box. In order to have or achieve something you have never done... you sometimes have to do things you have never done or has never been done before.  Just sit back and chill, she is about to change the game and the world.
She has already proved to EVERYONE she's been a fighter for her ENTIRE community since day 1, a woman of her word, and the positive example of the greatest gift given to her besides her body... her children. Keep Going ma. This ain't nothing but a chicken wang. It's expected for small minded people to lash at you and freak out when they assume negative right off the bat and aren't educated about it smh lol.
What would life be without pressure or people trying to bring you down lol? This is a mission and path you are doing for GOD.... everyone and everything else will fall into place and follow. #KeepGoing #ProudSon
Good for Catherine that she has a loving son who supports her unquestioningly. But not so good for the citizens and voters of LD27.

As you can tell, much of what Catherine's son wrote is just nonsensical rambling. But it still reveals what can only, rationally, be described as the dangerous viewpoint of Catherine (and/or her son) believing she is called by God to change the world.

That reeks of grandiosity and narcissism. I certainly do not offer a professional diagnosis of any one person's mental or emotional condition or health, but I think it's fair to reflect on what people do and say and compare those with professional literature to gain insight on those specific claims an apparent grandiose narcissist makes.
All narcissists are self-absorbed, see themselves as superior, and lack empathy. All display arrogance and disdain toward others, experience "narcissistic injuries" when others don't treat them as superior, and can't take direct feedback about their behavior. They are consistently very oblivious of their effect on others. 
Elsewhere, on what you find in grandiose narcissists,
Characteristics of the narcissist-grandiose subtype (as opposed to the narcissist-vulnerable subtype) include:
  • Being labeled the “oblivious narcissists”
  • Observed lack of insight into the impact they have on others
  • More likely to regulate self-esteem through overt self-enhancement
  • Denial of weaknesses
  • Intimidating demands of entitlement
  • Consistent anger in unmet expectations
  • Devaluation of people that threaten self-esteem
  • Diminished awareness of the dissonance between their expectations and reality, along with the impact this has on relationships
  • Overt presentation of grandiose fantasies
  • Conflict within the environment is generally experienced as external to these individuals and not a measure of their own unrealistic expectations

On the notion that Catherine Miranda, or ANY one of the 90 members of the Arizona Legislature being able, in and of themselves, to "change the world," get real. Lawmaking is a team sport.

On the notion that God may have called Catherine to change the world, I can only call attention to Ecclesiastes 1:9.
What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.


  1. Until we can offically start the Recall Catherine Miranda campaign in Januray (I can hardly wait) let's send her a message in the General Election--vote for her Republican opponent Natalie Taswell. While it's highly unlikely she'd actually get elected, at least Taswell is truthful about her party affiliation, unlike that turncoat Miranda!

    1. Pursuant to ARS 19-201 A:
      "A number of qualified electors equaling twenty-five per cent of the number of votes cast at the last preceding general election for all the candidates for the office held by the officer" must sign recall petitions in order for the matter to be put on the ballot and a recall election held.

      Therefore, a vote for Taswell in the 2014 general election will make it more difficult to recall Miranda.

      Vote for all other offices on your ballot, but skip the LD27 senate race.