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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Arizona cannot afford to reelect TRASH BURNER BOB

On Thursday at noon, Marcia Busching, Sandra Kennedy and Paul Newman -- all three Democratic candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission -- held a press conference in front of Commission headquarters at 1200 W. Washington Street, Phoenix to make clear that they are the only candidates this year credibly advocating for increasing use of our state's most abundant energy resource -- Solar.

This is contrary to dubious claims that TRASH BURNER BOB Stump and his running mates, Bob Burns and Susan Bitter Smith made during the Clean Elections Debate, that THEY are advocates of increased development of solar electricity generating capacity in our state. From the right-wing blog, Sonoran Alliance dated September 16, 2011:

At the NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition meeting Wednesday, September 14, 2011, the three GOP Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) candidates discussed their views of the proper role of the ACC, regulatory issues, and the Renewable Energy Mandate.
This is the first event at which the GOP ACC candidates, Bob Stump (Incumbent), Bob Burns, and Susan Bitter-Smith appeared together for this campaign.
The candidates all said that they would never have voted for the mandate, but, now that it is in place, they would not vote to repeal it...  Perhaps challenging the likely “Solar Team” for 2012 is considered too risky by the candidates if they appear unwilling to continue with the renewable energy mandate (mostly solar energy). Bob Burns said that solar energy appears to be popular with voters – another reason not to repeal the mandate. (emphasis added)

To the contrary, on December 13, 2011, Bob Stump initiated an amendment to Arizona Public Service's 2012 Renewable Energy Standard Distributed Generation budget to cut $19 million. This amendment was adopted and reduced APS' requirement for development of rooftop solar generating capacity from $40 million in 2011 to $24 million in 2012, a 47.5 percent reduction. The $19 million reduction returned the average ratepayer a whopping $.20 (TWENTY CENTS) per month.

There is SOOOOOO much more evidence that TRASH BURNER BOB and his comrades are completely disingenuous whenever they claim to support solar, wind and other renewable electricity generation development in Arizona. In contrast, Busching, Kennedy and Newman are genuine advocates for solar.

Reporter Ted Houston, writing for KFYI radio in Phoenix wrote this about the Thursday press conference and the statements by the Democratic candidates:

The three Democrats running for Arizona Corporation Commission say they don't understand why their three Republican rivals are trying to reduce or eliminate the use of solar energy in the state.
The Republicans, who currently hold three of the commission's five seats, claim that solar energy costs too much and that requiring that a certain percentage of electrical generation come from "renewable" energy sources, such as solar and wind, drives up state residents' electric bills.
We are about ten days out from election day. There is so much at stake this year, and Arizona's short and long-term public health and economy are among the things that voters will be able to assert their voice.

I STRONGLY recommend voting for Busching, Kennedy and Newman for Arizona Corporation Commission.

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