Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Friday evening at the IRC

Next up -- executive session of the IRC on Friday, by telephone, at 4pm.  The agenda calls for "discussion and consideration of confidential documents associated with the RFP for mapping services and of responses to legal services RFP."  This is all well and good and necessary before the commission can do the real work it needs to do.

However, the next sentence, about negotiations and designated representatives is unclear.  So, I called Ray Bladine.  He said one thing the commission hopes to accomplish on Friday is to finalize the mapping RFP to issue after the next public meeting. 

Bladine said he needs to research further to figure out what they can do Friday about responses to the legal services RFP.  I expect to get an update from him tomorrow and will post then.

In other news, Commissioner Scott Freeman, according to the Yellow Sheet, is "fairly impressed with the [Redistrict America online mapping tool] software and is interested in seeing how people end up using it to draw maps."  Freeman participated in last week's webinar sponsored by the Arizona Competitive Districts Coalition.

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