Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Maricopa County Democrats reorganizing this Saturday

The deadline for submitting candidate statements for advance posting on the Maricopa County Democratic Party's website -- for the impending reorganization -- passed this afternoon. Unless a surprise candidate emerges for any of the offices, the slate will be:

  • Kelli Butler, running for MCDP Chair. Former LD28 chair; ran for Arizona Senate in 2014.
  • Steven Slugocki, running for reelection as MCDP First Vice-Chair.
  • Randy Keating, running for MCDP Second Vice-Chair. Past chairman of LD26 Democrats.
  • Jacqueline Adams, running for MCDP Treasurer. Currently serves the Arizona Democratic Party as operations manager.
  • Robert Donat, running for reelection as MCDP Secretary.
  • Jessica Gonzales, running for MCDP Sergeant-at-Arms. Has served as Second Vice-Chair for LD30 Democrats.
I recommend you read each candidate's statement, posted online. The link, again, is the Maricopa County Democratic Party. This is Kelli (in the middle).

Kelli, along with Steven and Randy as chair and vice-chairs will set a clear vision for building Democratic LD organizations, developing volunteers and future candidates for elected offices. All of these candidates are strong, smart and care deeply about what matters for everyday Arizonans. 

I support this team. 

It's sunrise in Arizona. We're turning Arizona BLUE.

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