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Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest Blog Post -- Clean Energy means more, better jobs

In last night's blog post, I referred to an op-ed in a local newspaper written by two business interest lobbyists who seriously lack entrepreneurial vision to meet the energy and political challenges facing Arizona today. On May 6, I had posted in response to a press release issued by the Arizona GOP.

From where I sit, the fact that the Guardians Of Privilege have recognized the legitimacy of Nancy LaPlaca's candidacy for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission is great news. So, I now say thank you to AZ GOP chairman Robert Graham.

LaPlaca, in response to publication of the GOP press release in the Yellow Sheet Report, a subscription only gossip sheet put out by the Arizona Capitol Times, wrote the op-ed posted below, which I am pleased to present to you.


The Arizona Republican Party recently issued a press release stating that I want to “eliminate 1,000 coal jobs” on Navajo land. That statement is so far removed from reality that it warrants a direct response.

The issue that raised their ire was my asking whether spending $1.1 billion to $1.6 billion of ratepayer money -- to purchase the departing ownership shares of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and NV Energy, and update the air quality systems at the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) -- is a wise investment. Given that our neighboring states and utilities around the country are abandoning coal and investing heavily in natural gas and renewable energy generation, is sinking good money into a 40-year-old plant our only choice?

When studies show that for every $1 spent, clean energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuels, what’s wrong with looking into alternative investments?

Clean energy can increase the number of available jobs and address environmental and health issues people are concerned about. We know that coal fuel and compliance costs are going to continue to increase as time goes on, so why invest in technologies that only increase the cost of electricity?

Why restrict the Navajo economy when diversifying the energy mix at NGS by adding wind, solar PV or solar CSP could create 3,000 new jobs?

What I want is to diversify and transform the Navajo economy by expanding the mix of energy. This will create even more jobs that can be filled by Navajo and Hopi people. I want them to earn higher wages, enjoy better working conditions, lead healthier lives and have better career options for generations to come.

Leave it to the Arizona Republican Party leadership to want to limit the economic, employment and investment opportunities in Native American lands by willfully ignoring new opportunities and energy trends.

One thing that has been sorely missing from Arizona in recent years is an open and honest dialogue about our energy future.

The energy market in the U.S. is moving away from coal and toward other forms of generation, including renewables and natural gas. A diversified energy portfolio that employs renewable energy at NGS will employ more people at higher wages than work there now.

We should explore and discuss this opportunity rather than dismissing it out-of-hand for purely political (cultural inertia) purposes.

Think about it: Arizona has far more to gain from increasing clean energy than it has to lose from reducing coal-fired power. As the sunniest state in the U.S., Arizona should lead the way — and have an open discussion.

Nancy LaPlaca served as policy advisor to former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Paul Newman and has formed an exploratory committee to consider running for a seat on the ACC in 2014.


Like Nancy, I welcome the attacks... er, open dialogue in Arizona media on these issues critical to citizens and utility ratepayers. In fact, I'm thrilled that the "entrenched interests" feel threatened enough already to verbally engage on the issues.

Nancy LaPlaca has the vision and determination to lead the way on critical changes for Arizona.


  1. First, they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. Gandhi.

  2. I so love this article. Well most of it. If it wasn't for the one low blow - this would be perfection of how to make change and likely would have all but wrapped up the election.

    I don't know a single, logical person that after reading this would not vote LaPlaca - this is if the following had been left unsaid.

    "Leave it to the Arizona Republican Party leadership to want to limit the economic, employment and investment opportunities in Native American lands by willfully ignoring new opportunities and energy trends"

    Remove that one phrase and the election was over.

    But when you disenfranchise 60% of the voters and say that their decisions (in putting people in office) are stupid ...

    I love you Nancy but as my grandmother use to say ... you get more flies with honey than lemon's.

    In closing "Go Steelers" because every other NFL fans are a bunch of dim witted, classless, losers. - See what I mean, even if it's the truth - leaders unite - not divide.

    1. Hi Derrick,

      The quote you cited is a true and fair characterization of the words put forth by the Arizona Republican Party and attributed to Robert Graham, its chairman in the press release (link embedded in the quote, in the blog post).

      In case the AZGOP ever decides to remove that press release from its website, it is still recorded for posterity in the Yellow Sheet Report dated May 9th. If you need a copy of the press release, please feel free to send me an email message at the address shown just above my profile pic in the left hand column of the blog.

      The good thing, and I appreciate your comment very much, is that you did an excellent job showing that name calling (the way you described fans of any NFL team but the Steelers) is dramatically different than what Nancy LaPlaca did. The difference is similar to when a parent would correct a child. When the child misbehaves, the parent rightfully shows the child what is unacceptable about the behavior and then what is expected instead. A proper parent would not label the child bad just because of behavior that needed to be corrected.

      One last point: neither Nancy, nor I, characterized rank and file voters registered or affiliated with the Republican Party in any way, most certainly not in a negative light.

      Thanks again. SM

  3. Hey there fellow Arizonans! Would you mind taking a second to do a survey and sign a petition to support solar energy? You're help is greatly appreciated!