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Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, January 2, 2012

With the New Year, politics heat up. UPDATED 1:20pm MST 1-3-12

Earlier this evening, state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-LD15) told me that she plans to resign her seat tomorrow (Jan 3rd) at 1pm. It's been common knowledge for sometime that Sinema plans to run for Congress, likely in Arizona's new Ninth Congressional District.

Little else is known officially (about the announcement, by me anyway), but it looks like twitter wars are already gearing up as an apparent parody account @sinema4prez as well as an account @teamsinema claiming to be independent from Sinema have already been established.

We are dedicated to electing to represent Arizona's 9th Congressional District. We are not (officially) affiliated with Kyrsten's campaign.
@Sinema4Prez Get me out of this dust bowl!
I plan to be President some day soon. In the meantime, running for congress! In case you're not as smart as I am, this is a parody. 
Sinema asked me to wait before posting this information, but since the parody site apparently already had the information (posted two hours earlier than this), it's really not something I'm breaking anyway.


Sinema's announcement may or may not come at 1pm tomorrow. The information I had was not a certainty/announcement, so the time may change. I asked a few times whether she would be calling a press conference and she declined to answer.


UPDATE 1-3-12

Jim Small, editor at the Arizona Capitol Times tweeted, moments ago, that Sinema has indeed tendered her resignation and entered the race for Arizona's new Ninth Congressional District. Watch her first Congressional campaign video at the new campaign website.


  1. Let's see how the rubber meets the road with this one....

  2. Interesting, I'll be sure to watch the news.