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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Redistricting -- another IRC applicant as GOP plant

Cave Creek resident Mike Doyle, in his statement of interest, says:
My only interest is that the people of Arizona are able to vote within district boundaries that, as fairly as possible, represent a cross section of our citizens. Each district should allow for competition where every qualified candidate has a fair opportunity to compete.
Sounds pretty good, eh? If only!

Mr. Doyle's own words at the right-wing blog website Sonoran News (from July 29, 2009) begin to show us just what he thinks "fair" is.
Nancy Barto: You used lots of words to try to explain why you failed to represent me on HB-2280. You are my State Representative and I deserve your vote not hundreds of words of excuses as to why you did not vote.
If you were against this issue vote "No." Then, we will know for sure where you stand. You are there to represent us and to vote! You are paid to Vote! So Vote.
Marketing textbooks typically explain that one can only expect about 15 seconds to win or loose the sale. Most people dissatisfied with a product or service just walk away and don't say a word. The Brand Manager or the service provider never find out what their lost customers were concerned about. For every one individual willing to take the time to express their concern there are hundreds who will never be heard from – they just go away! Please know, you lost this sale. My wife and I will be voting for your opponent in the next election.
This issue is a raw nerve – something the people will pay attention to. Let Sheriff Joe do his job. Stand with him and don't put restrictions in his way. Illegals are illegal – how can that be complicated?
Mike Doyle | Cave Creek
Also from the Sonoran News (Feb 10, 2010) (emphasis mine):
Dear J-P Maldonado

Your Jan. 27, 2010 open letter to Senator-elect Brown was wonderful but you leave us in a conundrum. How will the growing army of "Former Republicans" elect real conservatives like Kristen Burroughs (District 7 State Legislator Seat) and a desperately needed McCain replacement, if we don't vote in the Republican Primary? "None of the above" won't get it done. We need another Tea Party in Cave Creek to get organized so we can retire Arizona RINOs. Massachusetts had their "second shot heard round the world." Now it’s our turn!
Mike Doyle | E-mail

Mr. Doyle also appears to have his very own page on the Original Phoenix Tea Party's website. That page also shows connections between Doyle and tea party nutjob Wes Harris. Harris has testified at several AIRC meetings.


The real questions that people like Doyle applying to become chairman of the AIRC raise involve drawn out scenarios from wondering who did the recruiting, to how many Brewer appointees are on the Appellate Courts Commission.

Because that screening panel is charged with forwarding three names to the partisan members of the AIRC,  if the four redistricting commissioners cannot agree on a candidate to invite to be the new chairman, the process goes back to the Appellate Courts Commission for them to make the ultimate appointment.

The members of the AIRC felt months ago that they had not been able to envision just how contentious the process would become. That will not be the case, however, for whoever takes Mathis' place, if the Court fails to nullify the action taken by Brewer and the senate.

How far will these people go to subvert the goals of Prop 106?

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  1. We can only hope things go well at the court hearing.

    I'd only ask, where were all these great 'independents' (and the Republicans) during the past three years of the process? I remember Justin having information about reditricting available at at 2008 meeting, and it was being discussed among Democrats at the state level even earlier than that.

    Don't you love people who spent all morning in bed waking up five minutes before lunch and trying to tell you that everyone should be eating breakfast?