Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pearce recall -- signs of defeat

The Arizona Eagletarian has confirmed that tomorrow morning, November 10 at 10am, the Arizona Senate GOP caucus has scheduled an "organizational meeting."

Senate rules allow for a caucus meeting for organizational purposes to be closed to the public.

No agenda has been published. Russell Pearce's assistant indicated that an agenda may not be published. However, word is (from her and from others who tipped me to this) that the entire purpose is to elect a new Senate President.

This is problematic because Pearce is expected to attend, for the purpose of influencing this vote.

Pearce's exit from the Arizona Senate is imminent but will not be official until the Secretary of State and the governor certify the election canvass. That is not expected until next week, at the earliest.

Neither can Secretary of State Ken Bennett issue a certificate of election to Jerry Lewis until then.

As humble as Pearce appeared before television cameras last night, he, naturally, is not willing to so easily give up his power and leave the decision exclusively to the new membership.

Why can this be allowed to take place?

Pearce's office phone number is 602-926-5760.

Perhaps he should hear from you. Hopefully, local broadcast and print media will demand an answer also.

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