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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Redistricting -- more about the UNfair Trust

This week, Arizona Capitol Times reporter Caitlin Coakley made a seemingly innocuous connection between clandestine lobbying group UNfair Trust and attorney/public relations Arizona power couple Jordan and Jason Rose

Coakley's article may have been nothing more than a bio/profile piece on a local attorney who has become a major player in some of the highest profile political and legal matters in Arizona in recent years. But it intrigued several other political power players in the Phoenix area.

The story revealed nothing tremendously earth-shattering but the connection perhaps ties together a number of aspects of the context of UNfair Trust and its tactics and strategy.

Both Jordan and Jason are known for taking bold risks in high stakes political and legal situations. They don't always win, but they always put a tremendous amount of intensity into what they do for clients. Client lists for each list several political (candidate and issue campaigns) as well as redistricting related clients such as F.A.I.R. Trust and Fair Districts-Fair Elections.  

On June 24th, the Yellow Sheet reported on FAIR Trust, saying that "longtime Republican operative Steve Twist is spearheading the effort." The group, according to the YS source,
has formed a legal trust for the purpose of accepting contributions to help foot the legal bills that would undoubtedly arise if the Republicans – especially the congressional delegation – don’t like what they see from the IRC. “If the preliminary lines come out bad for Republicans, I suppose you’ll see a war,” one source said. Another said the group’s efforts would likely be required, considering the GOP did little to prepare for redistricting. “We’re a little behind the curve from where we were ten years ago,” said one participant. So far, the group, which includes Flake, Franks, Gosar, Quayle and Schweikert staffers, has conducted several teleconferences and has started to draw congressional maps. The source said the party is blessed with the fact that the varying offices aren’t in a dog-eat-dog interparty redistricting squabble that has been seen in other states. “The good news is that we have a lot of folks at the table who are willing to help. Steve is setting the table,” the source said. It is not clear whether the FAIR Trust’s maps will be used to lobby the IRC or if they’ll be reserved to help wage a lawsuit. However, the source said that a good amount of Republican lobbying will probably fall on the shoulders of consultant Nathan Sproul, who is putting together a grassroots effort to influence the IRC. Twist did not return calls for comment.
It's important to note that some of what the YS reports is conjecture.  But they have been putting together several pieces to the puzzle.

Nathan Sproul is a well known Arizona GOP operative who has been linked to voter fraud. He also has a reputation not unlike that of Jason Rose, for bold tactics. His characterization of the current situation with the AIRC is fraught with exaggeration, obviously intended to scare the hell out of any god-fearing Christian Republican in Arizona.
If this commission successfully implements its hyper-partisan agenda, there is a distinct possibility that Arizona will only send 3 Republicans to Congress and the Democrats will send 6. Additionally, the strong majorities enjoyed by Republicans in the Legislature will surely evaporate.
If Arizona becoming California without the beach is o.k. to you, don’t pay attention to the AIRC. But, if California isn’t your idea of prosperity, pay attention and make your voice heard.

The list of blatantly mindless talking points published last month by Sonoran Alliance and other blogs likely had its roots with Jason Rose's PR savants.  And many of the coded arguments by members of the public, easily recognized as reading from common scripts when testifying before the AIRC, likely have a common source in or near Nathan Sproul.

All of this adds up to trying to understand the game by learning about the players.

We will not be able to anticipate every move, but we should recognize that Arizona's GOP is prepared to intensify the frenzy with the tea party and organized GOP groups. 

The UNfair Trust, by fronting two attorneys to speak on its behalf, signaled its readiness to engage in a litigious battle.  Introduce Jason Rose with Nathan Sproul, and you have a better idea of the kind of street fight the next couple of months could see.

So -- metaphorically speaking -- LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!  Seriously, prepare yourselves, get involved and take a stand for Truth, Justice (for ALL) and the American Way.  Because THAT is what the Arizona Eagletarian is all about.


  1. I so appreciate your attention to this through the beginning of this process. Keep up the good work and naming names.

  2. Thanks for the update. Looks like the redistricting fight will get even tougher for people working for competitive districts and district boundaries that follow city, town, and county boundaries.