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Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Redistricting -- procedural curveballs

This morning, when the IRC met for what was billed as an executive session only meeting, a few people showed up from Tucson wanting to put their comments on the record.

Lynne St. Angelo, a Tucson political activist (a quick google search shows that St. Angelo was a volunteer for and financial contributor to 2010 Tea Party Congressional candidate Jesse Kelly), brought one or maybe both of the people who gave those comments.  They complained about two things, the fact that Lisa Hauser was not given one of the legal services contracts and that posted (draft) minutes of the previous IRC meeting in Tucson were not detailed enough to suit them.

Additionally, the IRC discussed publicly the mapping consultant RFP apparently in general terms prior to going into executive session to discuss specifics on rating criteria.  Not having finished that discussion, they will reconvene at 3:30pm today hoping to issue guidance to the State Procurement Office for amendments to the RFP.  While they expect that meeting to only be in executive session, it is possible there may be a portion of it done publicly.

A recording of this morning's public session will be posted for anyone to review, possibly this afternoon, but tomorrow morning afternoon at the latest.


UPDATE 9pm Tuesday

The IRC did meet this afternoon, briefly in public session and also in executive session, to finish its discussion (and answers to) legal questions posed by mapping consultant RFP responders. 

The closing date for that RFP was extended to June 9th at 3pm.  State Purchasing Officers expect to issue an amendment to the RFP in the morning, to answer those legal questions.  After I review the amendment and the recording of this morning's public session, I'll post to this blog about it.


UPDATE 5pm Wednesday

The recording of yesterday's IRC meeting (public portion) has not yet been posted.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Computer issues at the IRC office.  And the mapping consultant RFP amendment (along with closing date/time extension) has not been posted to the State Procurement Office website yet.  Will check again in the morning.

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