Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, October 12, 2015

LD26 state senate vacancy

After careful consideration, and procrastination, I have decided to NOT seek appointment to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of former Sen. Ed Ableser.

The decision is mine alone. Nobody advised me to make this decision. Some key people who believe in me had still encouraged me to seek the appointment.

My decision is based entirely on the nerve wracking nature of the anticipation in this situation. Anticipation that is, beyond what would happen tonight.

Emphatically, I still believe that I would have been the best and most qualified non-incumbent candidate, and that the best outcome for LD26 Democrats would/will be for Andrew Sherwood (or Juan Mendez) to be named the newest member of the "upper chamber" of the Arizona Legislature.

The personal tension I experience, between entering the lion's den of a toxic environment (with Andy Biggshot, John Kavanagh and Don "Shoot 'em up" Shooter) and wanting to retain the ability to speak and write with unabashed wholeheartedness on the key issues facing Arizona, gives me pause.

However, in light of the fact that I now choose to forego seeking THIS appointment, I no longer can predict (with any personal hunch) how it will actually play out.

Further, I am reluctant to say who I think should be the third person selected tonight, primarily because of my firm belief that either Andrew or Juan rightfully should be appointed.

In the event either Andrew or Juan actually is appointed, I leave the door open for now on the possibility of seeking appointment to what would be a vacant seat in the House of Representatives, and also to a run in 2016 for election to the House.

In the meantime, LD26 Democratic PCs still should look to select someone who has demonstrated understanding of the public policy arena in our state as well as already having made tangible accomplishments to advance Progressive values.

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