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Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Who REALLY should supervise forensic examination of Bob Stump's cell phone?

Here we go again. Does anyone at the Yellow Sheet give ANY thought to what they publish... about the clusterf**k at the Arizona Corporation Commission anyway? Here's what they reported on the subject today.
The Phoenix Police Department has also refused to handle the forensic analysis of Stump’s phone to see if any text messages are retrievable, according to an email sent from Assistant City Attorney Jennifer LaRoque to Corp Comm executive director Jodi Jerich. Last week, DPS also refused the job, saying there is no allegation of criminal activity involved in the controversy. Phoenix PD gave a similar reason. “Absent a court order based upon probable cause, the Phoenix Police Department is not authorized to obtain such information,” LaRoque wrote. The city attorney said the issue appears to be related to campaign finance or elections, so that investigation would fall under the purview of a county attorney or the AG “These officers have both the legal jurisdiction and the necessary resources to conduct election inquiries and to pursue any ensuing election violations,” she said. (emphasis mine)
Besides the fact that the Checks and Balances Project had suggested a Phoenix PD forensic specialist would examine Bob Stump's cell phone while off duty,
It’s been one month since we learned that Bob Stump, former chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), “routinely deleted” text messages on his government-funded cell phone “not long after he received them.”
Through our public records counsel, Dan Barr, we informed the Commission that despite the deletions, Stump’s text messages could probably still be found on his phone’s hard drive. We proposed a leading, Valley-based electronics forensic expert who is on the state-approved vendor list. But that suggestion was ignored. We then proposed Detective Kathy Enriquez of the Phoenix Police Department, certified as an expert by the Dept. of Homeland Security, Mobile Digital Investigations program.
... has anybody realized which agency might be most appropriate to investigate likely independent expenditure coordinating violations regarding Tom Forese and Doug Little

Weren't both Forese and Little Clean Elections participating candidates?

Why would Jodi Jerich not reach out to the Citizens Clean Elections Commission to assist with this problem... that is, if Stump continues to insist that he committed no violations of election law?

And why wouldn't the reporters at the Yellow Sheet Report be able to figure that out on their own? If they had even the least bit of interest in legitimate journalism, that is.

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