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Arizona Eagletarian

Friday, July 24, 2015

Redistricting -- #AZIRC meeting called for Tuesday July 28

Tuesday, July 28 at 3 pm Mountain Standard Time, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet (mostly telephonically) to discuss (probably some of it in executive session) two remaining lawsuits pending against the Commission, the Leach case and the Harris case.

Leach is in Maricopa County Superior Court and symbolically represents Vince Leach (currently a member of the Arizona House of Representatives) throwing a bowl of spaghetti against a wall and hoping some of it sticks. Leach's bio says he's "a public servant at heart..." and has been involved with, among other things, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. Of course, that's entirely misleading on his part.

Venden (Vince) Leach has, for years now, put concerted effort into UNDERMINING the will of the people by HINDERING and SUING the Redistricting Commission. The lawsuit, more specifically, claims a number of procedural errors committed by the Commission, none of which seems to have any relevance or veracity.

The Harris case, currently briefing before SCOTUS, will be subject to oral arguments in DC next winter. That lawsuit essentially alleges reverse discrimination by the Commission, unfairly diluting the power of the Republican Party in the Arizona Legislature. That allegation, of course, is absurd on its face, as I have reported previously in the Arizona Eagletarian.

Because these lawsuits have either languished or been intentionally held up by plaintiffs pending the SCOTUS ruling last month, they are now going to move forward. The question of whether to contract with Seth Waxman or any other high-powered DC litigator will be among the things the AIRC will discuss and hopefully decide on Tuesday.

An executive director's report and public comment are also on the agenda. The meeting will not be live streamed. I hope to attend, pending some family health related matters, and report to you on Tuesday evening. I do understand that an audio recording of the meeting will eventually be posted on the AIRC website.

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