Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Listen to Arizona-at-Work each Thursday at NOON

Last week, Arizona at Work, an hour long radio show airing Thursdays at noon, hosted by Roman Ulman on KFNX 1100 AM radio in Phoenix, had yours truly as its guest. For your listening... pleasure I present you with this audio recording. Roman and his co-hosts Randall Holmes and Joe Murphy have fun calling out Scrooge McDucey and the GOP-dominated Arizona Legislature for the various ways they bring government corruption to life in the Grand Canyon State.

In the process of continuous learning, Roman and other progressive Arizona activists (such as the writers at Blog for Arizona, including the Arizona Eagletarian) are working on building a coordinated media effort to develop a broader audience. When 2016 election season comes around, we hope to have a strong voice to overcome the horrendous din of the Kochtopus and its Dark Money.

To that end, Roman has established a Go Fund Me campaign to assist with the ongoing cost of buying the radio air time on KFNX Independent talk radio station in Phoenix. If you share Roman's vision for spreading the progressive message, as I do, please join me in donating to this effort.

Roman, Randall and Joe are entirely comfortable behind the microphone. This was my third appearance with them and I admit to still being not quite so at ease. Nevertheless, the conversation was wonderful and I'm thankful for the opportunity.

I hope you enjoy it and listen in on Thursday at noon live on the airwaves in Phoenix or live streamed from the KFNX website.

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