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Arizona Eagletarian

Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Arizona Democratic Party elected leadership; More new redistricting friends of the court

It was a long day at the Arizona Democratic Party's State Committee meeting in Phoenix, the highlight of which was election of a new executive board.

Election results:

Alexis Tameron -- Arizona Democratic Party Chair

Bill Roe -- First Vice Chair

Holly Lyon -- Senior Vice Chair

Emily Verdugo, Jordan Ashley Hibbs and Kristie O'Brien female Vice Chairs

Doug Ballard, Jeffrey J Rogers and Aaron J. Marquez male Vice Chairs

Anne Greenberg Secretary

Rick McGuire (re-elected) Treasurer

Janie Hydrick Education Coordinator

Adrian P. Fontes Affirmative Action Moderator


There are several VERY exciting insights on and about this new leadership team. First, tremendous diversity with four Latinos, including the new chair. Second, a great mix of youth and experience, including young passionate Democrats Jordan Hibbs, Aaron Marquez, Kristie O'Brien and Adrian Fontes. The education and experience background of the elders is also quite impressive.

They all have ideas, energy and drive to make great things happen over the next two years.

Some people asked me whether there was any drama involved in or with these elections. There was not. The question was posed, one of them told me, because of what one of this year's candidates had said in a candidate speech two years ago. At that time, the candidate engaged in what some characterized as bomb throwing (verbal bomb throwing, that is). The candidate in question made some awkward missteps in how he approached committee members this time but when he gave his speech, he was professional and appropriate.

He's a young man with a lot of potential that, in my view, started out by aiming at too high an office. The good news, to me, is that he did come back this year to try again and that he sounded more mature this time. Of course, the only people who do not make mistakes are those who never do or even attempt anything with any risk at all. Mistakes form the basis for the wisdom that comes with age. Naturally, it's not that any of us have to wait decades to try again in order to be successful.

I believe the future of Arizona is bright because of what Democratic activists are doing and will be doing in the future. The same holds for this young man. His future will be very bright and he will make his mark.


In my email inbox on Saturday, I also received two more amicus briefs supporting the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission in the legislature's lawsuit which is now before SCOTUS. For your reading pleasure, here they are:
The list of state and local officials includes:
  • Michael Bloomberg (former Mayor of New York City)
  • Lincoln Chafee (former governor of and US Senator from Rhode Island)
  • Terry Goddard (AZ)
  • Christine Gregoire (former governor of Washington State)
  • Gary King (former AG of New Mexico)
  • Rob McKenna (former AG of Washington State)
  • Janet Napolitano (former AZ governor, as if she needs an introduction)
  • Martin O'Malley (former governor of Maryland)
  • Sam Reed (former Sec'y of State, WA)
  • Ed Rendell (former governor of Pennsylvania)
  • Jim Regnier (former Montana Supreme Court Justice)
  • Dennis Vacco (former AG, New York State)
  • Grant Woods (former AG, Arizona)
  • Kim Wyman (current Sec'y of State, WA)

There's a LOT of gravitas in that list, including three former Arizona Attorneys General.

Oral arguments before the Supreme Court are scheduled for March 2, 2015. I will be attending to provide coverage and reporting. To that end, I have set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to help offset the expense of that trip. Several friends of the Arizona Eagletarian have already contributed. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration to doing likewise.

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