Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Many thanks to Arizona Eagletarian readers and the Phoenix New Times

In its Best of Phoenix edition in September, the Phoenix New Times honored the Arizona Eagletarian designating it the Best Left-wing Blog for 2014.
Arizona Democrat Steve Muratore doesn't suffer fools gladly, whether he's wondering whether Attorney General Tom Horne is a "psychopath," accusing a spokeswoman for schools Superintendent John Huppenthal of polishing a piece of merde, or calling out the Capitol Times for kissing up to pro-plutocrat legislators. What makes him different from some online blowhard on a blog like, say, the Daily Kos is that he does a lot of his own reporting and research and offers unique analysis, not just fighting words. He's also fiercely local, focusing on issues such as redistricting that in these days of strained newspaper budgets, do not receive the attention they deserve. Cantankerous and principled, Muratore is a fighter whose motto "The KEYBOARD is mightier than the sword" is especially true when he's typing his latest entry.
In the mail this weekend, I received this plaque from the New Times.

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