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Arizona Eagletarian

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How does Catherine Miranda campaign all summer and NOT spend even one thin dime?

Anti-choice candidate Catherine Miranda, competing for the Democratic nomination for the LD27 senate seat against Army Reserve Capt. Aaron Marquez, collected $15,730.00 this summer, mainly from lobbyists and PACs, according to her latest campaign finance report, but spent not even a dime.

There ARE plenty of her campaign signs along major streets in LD27, and there have been plenty of pro-Miranda mailers sent to voters, but Catherine apparently has not had to spend any of her remaining $37,671.95 war chest on any of them.

How does that happen?

First, I'm not convinced it did happen. She might have made inadvertent or intentional mistakes on her report.

Second, we know that APS, Cathi Herrod and Mario Diaz have been spending generously on campaign signs and mailers on her behalf. So, even though it's extremely unlikely Miranda actually did not incur any campaign expenses, she still has had others spending generously. We also know that Miranda is a good and loyal soldier for our state's largest investor owned utility (APS) and for Dominionists like Cathi Herrod. So, we shouldn't be surprised that those whose interests she actually represents in the legislature are willing to return the favor.

By the way, Miranda's largest campaign contributions this summer have come from chambers of commerce PACs ($3,000.00), an out-of-state lawyer ($1,000.00) and something called Cactus PAC ($1,000.00). Cactus PAC gave Miranda a thousand dollars and a Phoenix, Arizona address. But Cactus PAC does not appear to show up as registered with the Arizona Secretary of State as a political action committee.

So many questions about one sell out candidate, so few answers.

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  1. I always used to refer to Herrod as "pro-bullying lobbyist Cathi Herrod." Feel free to use that now that I'm not blogging anymore.

    I also used to accidentally misspell her name "Herod." I don't know why.