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Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, July 7, 2014

Redistricting -- Judgment for taxation of costs

On June 2, 2014 the three-judge panel overseeing the Harris case ordered a judgment on taxation of costs, in the amount of $24,030.65 because convicted felon Wes Harris and his fellow Republican plaintiffs, more than a year after trial in the redistricting case, lost. This judgment covers taxpayer costs for making copies and taking depositions to defend against what were determined to be invalid claims against the Independent Redistricting Commission and the legislative district map.

The parties to the case, Harris et. al. and the AIRC, stipulated that the judgment would be paid but held in trust by one of the AIRC law firms, BallardSpahr, pending the outcome of appeal to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) of the April 29, 2014 ruling. Plaintiffs' counsel, Cantelme and Liburdi filed notice of appeal in June and will file their brief, detailing their case last ditch effort argument hoping SCOTUS will be more favorable to them than the district court panel.

The Arizona Eagletarian has also learned that the Leach case, previously thought to be abandoned by the plaintiffs, is back on track. It's too late for this lawsuit, which complains about processes and procedures as they were carried out by the AIRC in 2011/2012, to have any impact on 2014 elections. So, perhaps this group of plaintiffs, again funded by who knows what, hopes to get the legislative map redone for 2016. It's still a pipe dream, in my view. But apparently they've found someone willing to pay plaintiffs attorneys, so on we go.

More info on Leach when it becomes available.

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