Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ballot challenge hearings continue... UPDATED 4:30 pm 6-19-14

According to the Secretary of State's website,

  • Barry Hess, Libertarian for governor is ON the ballot, case dismissed. 
  • Chuck Wooten, Republican in CD2 primary, is ON the ballot, judge ruled against plaintiff.
  • Carlyle Begay, Republican in Democratic sheep's clothing, LD7 state senate, is ON the ballot, case dismissed.
  • Erminie Zarra, Republican for LD29 state representative, withdrew, leaving Aaron Borders to hope for a single shot miracle.
  • Jennifer Knepfler, Libertarian for LD26 state senate disqualified from the ballot, leaving Dale Eames (I) as the sole opponent to incumbent Democrat Ed Ableser.
The only remaining challenges unresolved at this time appear to be Justin Henry, Kimberly Yee's GOP primary opponent for LD20 senate and Scott Ryan, LD18 Independent seeking election as a state representative. Those matters should be decided tomorrow (Thursday).


Justin Henry is OFF the ballot.

Scott Ryan is OFF the ballot.

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