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Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Culture War will continue, even though Herrod knows a veto looms

So, despite the Center for Arizona (HATE) Policy having adopted a victim mentality and appearing close to accepting that the only course of action Gov. Brewer can possibly take is to veto Herrod's bill, SB1062, it is very unlikely Herrod will accept defeat in what she views as a war for the soul of America and Arizona.

The Arizona Republic quoted Herrod this afternoon:
Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, which promoted SB1062, said the outcry makes it “almost impossible” for Brewer to sign the bill.
“But if the bill is vetoed, it will be because of the perception of the bill, not the merits,” she said.
From Herrod's latest statement on the subject:
“The attacks on SB 1062 show politics at its absolute worse. They represent precisely why so many people are sick of the modern political debate. Instead of having an honest discussion about the true meaning of religious liberty, opponents of the bill have hijacked this discussion through lies, personal attacks, and irresponsible reporting.
It's as if nobody, including Constitutional Law scholars, are able to understand what Herrod's bill actually does. That's tragic and indicates these culture warriors are not interested in giving up on their cause anytime soon.

Instead of refuting analyses such as presented in the Arizona Eagletarian, she and her sycophants have adopted a strategy of continuing to tell the big lie, as loud and as often as they can. Given what wingnut blogs like SeeingRedAz yesterday posted, it appears to be working on the low information Tea Party types.
It’s no surprise that the Arizona Republic has embraced its usual technique of bold headlines, multi-page contrivances posing as news reports, and zealously oversized photos on the issue of SB 1062 — employing the irresponsible tactics the liberal newspaper blatantly uses to promote its myopic dual agenda. Columnists and editorialists have donned their jackboots to facilitate marching in lockstep with the attack strategy — irrespective of the facts.
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