Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Like it or lump it, Triangulation is DEAD

The Washington Post, New York Times and CNN have all declared Progressive Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio the winner of the election for mayor of New York City.
NEW YORK — Bill de Blasio overwhelmingly was elected mayor here Tuesday, becoming the first Democrat to lead New York in 20 years and ushering in a new era of activist liberal governance in the nation’s largest city.
Make no mistake, all eyes (of political watchers anyway) will be on New York and de Blasio to see how it all unfolds. Corporate media will jump on his every stumble, awkward comment or misstep, as yesterday's New York Post front page foreshadowed. The new mayor will be vilified, especially by right-wing pundits who will, like with President Obama, blur the lines of criticism between policy and race. De Blasio's wife is Black and his children of mixed race.

But to the extent that he demonstrates effective leadership in a city that's bigger, by population, than all but eleven US states, a trend that may have found a spark in the Occupy movement will grow and burn brightly for all Americans to recognize for what it truly is.

Mark my words, Arizona, tonight we see the beginning of an electoral trend that will ensure that for the foreseeable future, triangulation is dead.

Oh, we'll see those in Congress continue to try it. But the social psychosis that has enabled elected Democrats to fool their base voters is fast fading away.

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