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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Arizona Senator for LD7 -- Carlyle Begay

Today, the Apache County Board of Supervisors appointed Carlyle Begay to finish the Arizona Senate term started in January by Jack Jackson Jr. (D-Window Rock), who resigned earlier this month to accept a position in the Obama administration as liaison to Native American nations on environmental issues.

Mr. Begay apparently serves currently as Vice President for Business Development at American Indian Health & Management Policy.
Carlyle Begay has a tremendous acumen and passion for health policy and business. He has focused the majority of his efforts on services related to Indian health and Indian health program development. He has experience in the management of health care organizations, managed care, health care market structure, and health care delivery. In addition to an understanding of how public policy actions affect costs, quality, and access, in the Indian health and public health care sectors.
A quick look on Twitter showed an Arizona Capitol Times story indicating that LD7 state Rep. Albert Hale (D-Window Rock), who reportedly had sought the senate appointment himself, is challenging Apache County's decision citing the fact that Begay has resided in Gilbert for the last seven years. From the July 31 Yellow Sheet Report,
There were questions about Begay’s eligibility to represent LD7 as the Democrat has lived in Gilbert for the last seven years and is still listed as a registered voter in Maricopa County, according to the Maricopa County Election’s Department. But officials in the Apache County Election’s Office confirmed that Begay registered in the county on July 22. His registration in Maricopa County will be nullified as soon as Apache County officials notify the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office of the change. Reached briefly by phone today, Begay told our reporter he registered in Apache County weeks ago and has already received his voter registration card. Two weeks ago, Begay told our reporter that despite his residency in Gilbert for the last seven years, he has maintained an address in Apache County. “I’ve always kept a fairly close tie to issues on the Navajo Nation and issues particularly related to the Navajo government," Begay said. 
If Hale's challenge gets any traction, we'll hear more about this situation in corporate news outlets. Otherwise, here's hoping that Begay and Hale develop a strong bond and good working relationship as seat mates, along with fellow LD7 Rep. Jamescita Peshlakai.

Former Sen. Jackson Jr. posted the following on Facebook earlier this afternoon.
Congratulations to Carlyle Begay for being selected by the Apache County Board of Supervisors as my replacement to the Arizona State Senate. I know Mr. Begay will do well in representing the people of Legislative District 7 and Arizona.

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  1. Hooray!! Thanks for the article Steve! Although I am not an LD7 resident, I am delighted that there will be another voice of reason in the somewhat skewed State Legislature in AZ