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Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About that House action... UPDATED 5:45pm

Arizona Democrats today went to work expecting to debate Medicaid restoration on the House floor but were stymied when Speaker Andy Tobin suddenly adjourned until Thursday. Rep. Mark Cardenas (D-LD19) posted on facebook: (see UPDATE below)
Majority arrived today ready to restore healthcare to tens of thousands of Arizonans but procedural mvmts. delayed it until Thursday. #itstimetovote
This was not totally unexpected, as House insiders knew that procedural maneuvers have the potential to frustrate opponents and sometimes enable those employing the tricks to "pull a fast one" on less vigilant members.

Until they show their hand, we have to figure tea party leaning Republicans in the legislature are trying to figure out a way to subvert the inevitable. We just don't know exactly what tactics they will try -- other than to delay as long as possible.

We do know, however, that an agenda has now been posted for a Thursday hearing at 8 am for the House Appropriations committee. The nine senate appropriation bills (not previously heard in that committee) are on that agenda, each scheduled for a strike everything amendment.

Links for the Senate engrossed versions and the proposed strike everything amendment are listed below:

SB 1483  2013-2014 general appropriations; s/e amendment 76 pages; fact sheet on the s/e

SB 1484 2013-2014 capital outlay; s/e amendment 6 pages; fact sheet on the s/e
SB 1485 budget procedures; s/e amendment 7 pages; fact sheet on the s/e

SB 1486 revenue, budget reconciliation; s/e amendment 12 pages; fact sheet on the s/e

SB 1487 K-12 education, budget reconciliation; s/e amendment 133 pages; fact sheet on the s/e

SB 1488 higher education, budget reconciliation; s/e amendment 7 pages; fact sheet on the s/e

SB 1489 government, budget reconciliation; s/e amendment 17 pages; fact sheet on the s/e

SB 1490 criminal justice, budget reconciliation; s/e amendment 10 pages; fact sheet on the s/e

SB 1491 environment, budget reconciliation; s/e amendment 2 pages; fact sheet on the s/e


Governor Brewer has apparently called the legislature into a surprise special session.

Gov. Jan Brewer called lawmakers into special session late Tuesday afternoon to push her No. 1 legislative priority, signaling her growing frustration with their inability to reach agreement on Medicaid expansion. 
The governor’s surprise move comes as the House Speaker Andy Tobin, R-Paulden, has adjourned for two days, stalling efforts by a bipartisan House coalition to pass Brewer's 2014 budget and Medicaid expansion. 

It is widely believed Brewer has more than the 31 votes needed to pass her proposal, which would add an estimated 350,000 poor Arizonans to Medicaid rolls, bring in billions in federal health-care dollars and prevent roughly 60,000 people from losing health insurance when a program for childless adults expires Dec.31.

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