Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bob Edgar 1943 - 2013, a true hero

Bob Edgar, CEO of Common Cause, a tireless advocate for the American values of fairness and openness in government, died suddenly at his home in Virginia today.

"We are deeply saddened and shaken today by the passing of Bob Edgar," said Common Cause Board Chair Robert Reich. "Bob will be remembered for his decency, kindness, compassion and humor. His deep commitment to social justice and strengthening our democracy is his greatest gift to Common Cause and the nation. Our hearts are with Bob’s family, his wife Merle, and sons Andrew, David and Rob, and their families."
I am humbled and truly thankful to have been able to meet Bob three weeks ago when he was in Phoenix for a showing of the United States of ALEC.

Along with Lisa Graves from the Center for Media and Democracy, Bob had been making the rounds shining light on ALEC throughout the country. Bill Moyers, producer of the United States of ALEC video posted a tribute which included an interview Bill did with Bob along with Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen back in 2008.

Common Cause, under Bob's direction, joined an amicus brief supporting reinstatement of Colleen Mathis to the chairmanship of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission back in the fall of 2011.

Like all who knew Bob Edgar, I am deeply saddened today. We lost a genuine hero.

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