Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Arizona UPRISING -- troubling election bills

This afternoon, state Sen. Steve Gallardo held a press conference on the Capitol Lawn to advise about a letter he has sent to the US Department of Justice expressing his concern about legislation that appears to be aimed at diminishing the voting rights of Minority voters.

The bills at issue are:

  • SB 1003 -- Early Ballots (strike all amendment)
  • SB 1261 -- Permanent Early Voting Lists; amendments
  • HB 2350 -- Permanent Early Voting Lists; notarization

From Sen. Gallardo's letter:
I am concern that the proposed legislation will conflict with United States Department of Justices directives and decisions ensuring the voting rights of all Arizonan citizens.

My primary concern arises from the fact that the development and drafting of these election bills has been done in a vacuum. As has been the practice of the Majority through their legislative practices, citizens, especially those of language minorities have been systematically excluded from participation. The process has not been inclusive and numerous communities and organizations have been left out of the stakeholders process.
The Current language in these bills will making the voting process more cumbersome and difficult and thus will have the unintended Consequences of disenfranchising a huge segment of our citizens.

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