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Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, January 28, 2013

Guest Post -- AZ Solar under attack

Arizona's solar future is under attack at the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in a big way, and we need to respond in a big way.  Last Wednesday Commissioner Gary Pierce tried to sneak in an amendment that would effectively decrease Arizona's Renewable Energy Standard (REST) to under 13.5%.  A solar industry official told me this amendment would represent the most significant policy setback Arizona's solar industry has seen in years.  Fortunately, the legality of the amendment was called into question and the idea was tabled. (read about it here and here)

This Wednesday we have an opportunity to make our voices heard at the Commission by submitting public comment in opposition to the Pierce plan to decrease the REST.  We are not yet sure whether his amendment will be brought to a vote on Wednesday, however considering the fact that a REST decrease is even being considered, it is our duty as Arizonans to make our voices heard.  Pierce tried to sneak his amendment through last Wednesday because he knows it will be widely unpopular if the public finds out about it.

Take Action

  • The first thing you can do is email or call the Commissioners and let them know how you feel about Pierce amendment #2 in the APS REST plans that will cut solar by 11% and effectively decrease the REST below 13.5%. For reference, the docket number is E-01345A-12-0290.
Gary Pierce - (602)
Brenda Burns –  (602)
Bob Stump - (602)
Susan Bitter-Smith - (602) 542-3625 –
Bob Burns - (602)

  • The best way to make an impact is to attend the next ACC open meeting this Wednesday Jan. 30th and submit public comment directly to the 5 commissioners.
What: Open Meeting
Where: Arizona Corporation Commission
               1200 W. Washington
               Phoenix, AZ 85007
When: Wednesday, January 30th - 10am

Please let me ( know if you are able to make it to the Open Meeting.You can share this blog post with others to invite them to attend as well.  Please let your networks know what is happening at the ACC.

Will Greene

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