Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Arizona UPRISING -- AZ DEM reorganization UPDATED 1/27/13 6:45pm MST

At my first meeting as a member of the state committee of the Arizona Democratic Party, elections for the executive board for 2013-2014 took place today.

Bill Roe, longtime Democratic and environmental activist -- first elected to the ADP chairmanship last spring when Andrei Cherny quit to embark on a quixotic effort to win a seat in Congress -- was reelected by acclamation. Bill has done a great job since first taking the helm and will continue to provide vision and energy.

Alexis Tameron, who managed Richard Carmona's 2012 senate campaign, (and before that was instrumental when Harry Mitchell defeated an incumbent J.D. Hayworth in 2006 among many other accomplishments) takes over as first vice chair. Former Pinal County Attorney Jim Walsh was elected senior vice chair (not sure what the distinction is between that and first vice chair). Former state Rep. Phil Lopes (who coordinates Progressive Democrats of America - Southern AZ), Matt Kopec (instrumental in defeating Frank Antenori and participating in several other winning campaigns) and long time Labor activist Roman Ulman won the three vice chairMEN positions. Lauren Kuby, Barbara Tellman and Emily Verdugo are the three new vice chairWOMEN. Those are some seriously badass people and I'm confident they will provide firm, positive direction for the staff of the ADP.

Former ADP executive director Luis Heredia was elected Democratic National Committeeman. Jane McNamara takes over as ADP secretary and Rick McGuire was reelected treasurer. 

Neither the executive board nor the staff of the Arizona Democratic Party, on their own, can do what needs to be done. But with grassroots organizing in all of the legislative districts, TOGETHER we can turn Arizona BLUE in 2014. 

Let's get it done!

Rise UP!


Pamela Powers Hannley posted a more detailed report on yesterday's reorganization meetings. She must have taken notes. I did not. It's a good write up and I agree with her perspective on the proceedings and results.

Hannley also includes two minutes of video of new First Vice Chair Alexis Tameron addressing committee members before the vote.

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