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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Arizona UPRISING -- Antenori's drive to lead

According to a report on KPHO Channel 5 (Phoenix), on January 17, photo radar at the intersection of Scottsdale and Thomas Roads caught state Sen. Frank Antenori (R-Tea Party, Tucson) committing what one of his Republican colleagues recently characterized as a FLAGRANT RED LIGHT VIOLATION.

However, there is more to this story.

On Sunday, the Arizona Daily Star reported:

PHOENIX - State Sen. Frank Antenori's driver's license should be suspended because of his failure two years ago to resolve a photo radar citation he received for speeding in Tucson.
It's clear that Antenori, a Republican candidate for the Congressional District 8 seat vacated by Gabrielle Giffords, should have been aware that he needed to clear up the ticket for going 57 in a 45 mph zone on South Alvernon Way on Aug. 13, 2009.
What isn't clear, though, is why Pima County Justice Court records show his license is suspended, while the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division said there's no indication that it ever received a notice of suspension from the county and therefore the state considers Antenori's license to be in good standing...
Antenori, who also has a photo enforcement citation pending in Scottsdale for running a red light, has been a perennial foe of photo enforcement.
He tried, unsuccessfully, to get lawmakers to put a question on the November ballot to let voters decide whether the practice should remain legal in Arizona.
He also has waged a multiyear battle specifically against red-light cameras. He has a May 12 hearing in the Scottsdale case. (emphasis added)
The KPHO story cites SB1313, Antenori's bill to redefine "intersection." This bill, apparently intended to give more leeway to "technical violators," was first read in the senate on January 26, nine days after the senator sailed through the Scottsdale intersection at 19 miles per hour facing a red light -- a FLAGRANT violation.

In addition to SB1313, Antenori also introduced SCR1029, a proposed ballot measure to prohibit cities and towns from using photo radar for traffic enforcement. SCR1029 failed on third reading in the senate on March 5 and again, on reconsideration, on the day I observed the third read vote from the senate gallery, March 6. Watch video from that floor session here

At the 16:40 mark, Tucson Democratic Sen. Paula Aboud (D-Tucson) explains how photo radar has saved lives and that it's the job of the legislature to promote public safety. Aboud said that for the legislature to prohibit "from on [here] high" communities from using photo radar is just wrong. She rightly noted that issues like this have become personal for those who promote them. The fact is, she said, people are dying while we're trying to hold personal opinions.

I don't know if she knew then just how personal it apparently really is for Antenori. 

From the 19:49 mark, Glendale Republican Rick Murphy makes a distinction between technical violators (those caught by photo radar "just barely" in violation) and FLAGRANT violators. Murphy said, "flagrant violators definitely cause a public safety problem. No doubt about it. And they are a very small percentage of the people who are flagged with the photo radar. And they are not stopped by the photo radar."   

No Rick, obviously they are not stopped. Just ask your buddy Frank. Photo radar certainly did NOT stop him. But it DID CATCH him.

Murphy emphasized, however, that the technical violators do NOT (he claims) put anyone in danger. My guess is that he has never personally witnessed a driver turning left at an intersection get rammed by one of his benign technical violators. Well, I have seen it. It's a travesty to let reckless (but not wreckless) drivers feel a false sense of confidence that no one will get hurt if I just push the envelope.

Nevertheless, it was those Republicans who departed from the pack who killed Antenori's resolution. They are Nancy Barto (R-NE Phoenix), Rich Crandall (R-Mesa), Adam Driggs (R-Central/East Phoenix), Linda Gray (R-N Phoenix), Jerry Lewis (R-Mesa) and John McComish (R-Ahwatukee). 


Frank Antenori wants to be a Congressman. Voters in Arizona must ask themselves WHY he wants to do that. Who does Frank Antenori want to serve? Himself or the voters in the district he hopes will elect him? 

Who would have benefited from these two pieces of legislation (SB1313 and SCR1029)?

Does Frank Antenori shows himself to have what it takes to be a servant-leader

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