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Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ALECs Attack on the RIGHTS of Arizona CITIZENS

Yesterday, I posted some of the egregious bills being advanced by the GOP SUPER-MAJORITY in the Arizona Legislature. That list, however, was far from exhaustive. The attacks being launched against the people of Arizona, in the name of "free enterprise" are brazen and pervasive.

When are we going to say that we are mad as hell and not going to take it any more?

Will it be BEFORE or AFTER Capt. Al Melvin or Crazy Jack Harper has succeeded in eliminating the right of Arizonans to seek justice in the courts when, due to the recklessness or negligence of a business large areas of our communities are blanketed in toxic pollutants?   

This report, issued in the year 2000 provides additional background on this fight, which we know to be a long-term goal of ALEC and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Now comes word that the GOP SUPER-MAJORITY has been working behind closed doors for months on budget bills for the next fiscal year. Those bills, introduced late in the evening (on the Presidents' Day holiday) before they planned to start ramrodding them through on a fast track with negligible public testimony.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIXHouse Democrats criticized Legislative Tea Party Republicans for offering a budget proposal – crafted behind closed doors and released to the public less than 24 hours before it was considered in committee hearings – that again favors special interests and lacks a long-term plan to help stabilize Arizona’s economy and prepare for future budget needs in an accountable way.
 "This isn't a budget for Arizona. This is budget for an extremist, special-interest driven agenda,” said House Minority Leader and Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Chad Campbell (D-Phoenix, LD 15). “Nothing highlights this more than the fact that they completely remove oversight of taxpayer funded private prisons. All this will do is line the pockets of big out-of-state corporations with taxpayer dollars." (emphasis added)

Are you mad as hell? Should you be?

Obviously, losing the capacity for rational thoughts and actions will not solve anything. But a growing movement, emanating from New York -- Occupy Wall Street -- started last fall. That movement has changed the national conversation.

What can you do?  Well, what have people done in some other US communities?

Stand with Occupy Phoenix on February 29th against ALEC!

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