Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Redistricting -- change reports and next week's meetings UPDATED 1:20pm 12-4-11

On Thursday last, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission reviewed change reports prepared by mapping consultant Strategic Telemetry pursuant to proposed changes to three districts on the legislative draft map.

Those change reports are presented below.

 Some of the abbreviations:
  • CVAP -- Citizen Voting Age Population
  • HVAP -- Hispanic Voting Age Population
  • NH -- Non-Hispanic
Hopefully, when the AIRC meets on Monday, the newest change reports will be posted on and have the working maps being discussed available online to look at during the discussions as they take place.


The AIRC is scheduled to meet again on:
The Fiesta Resort is located on the Southeast corner of Broadway and Priest in Tempe.

The Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport is located at 4300 East Washington, Phoenix.


On Wednesday, Dec 7, state Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggshot is expected to present the GOP opinion on the draft Congressional and legislative maps.

That day, House Minority Leader Chad Campbell is tentatively scheduled to present the Minority Report.

Updated to include link to the Minority Report.

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