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Arizona Eagletarian

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy Phoenix -- support the brave ones when they go to court

The Occupy Wall Street movement is barely a month old. Comprised largely of young people who have struggled to begin careers, many of whom already have massive student loan debt, #OWS has changed the national conversation on the role of government. The focus now, despite detractors, is on the uncontrolled greed exhibited by opportunists on Wall Street.

A populist political movement first rose in America in the late 1890s. For whatever reason, that movement went dormant.

After World War II, prosperity spread throughout the country.

Young people began to organize civil unrest in the late 1960s, this time largely because of the Vietnam War.  A charismatic actor rose to prominence and in 1980 his presidency brought sweeping change to economic policy and the role of government. Now, more than thirty years later, the seductiveness of Reagan's policies is wearing thin for the vast majority of Americans.

Last month, perhaps inspired by the so-called Arab spring, young people began camping out in New York City's Zucotti Park, saying they had had ENOUGH.

Cut to October 15 and the spread of OWS throughout the US. Stories on Occupy Phoenix:

About arrests for "criminal trespass" for peacefully gathering in a public park, and reflections by some who were arrested:

As an aside, I thank the many friends of the Arizona Eagletarian who, over the last day or so expressed support and encouragement after I was ejected from a hearing conducted by the Joint Legislative Committee on Interfering with Independent Redistricting. However, I view my act -- (quietly) calling BULLSHIT on our illustrious state Sen. Andy Biggs (R-Publisher's Clearinghouse) overwhelmingly insignificant, in light of what people like Janet Higgins went through.

Janet's court date, on a charge of criminal trespass, a 3rd degree misdemeanor, is coming up on OCTOBER 26 (Wednesday this week), 10am in Phoenix Municipal Court, 300 W. Washington, Phoenix (map and directions here). She could use all the SUPPORT people would be willing to offer, including showing up to let people know Occupy Phoenix does not stand alone. If you go, please dress nicely (professional or business casual would be apppropriate).



Janet advised me this evening that the charge has been upgraded to Criminal Loitering. She also said an ACLU attorney would be representing her and several of those charged with her. Support would still be important.

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