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Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Redistricting -- Arizona Illustrated

On Monday evening, Tucson's PBS station aired a one-side interview with Proud Terri.  Ms. Proud, who has called for a special legislative session, set up a facebook page (deleting ALL comments disagreeing with her point of view), and started a petition (co-opting a Progressive change website) all hoping to undermine the redistricting process, was allowed by station general manager Jack Gibson to air her propaganda without an opposing view.

The narrative accompanying Proud's interview states her concern over AIRC chair Colleen Mathis' application.  But the story does NOT address either Rick Stertz' material misrepresentations (about his legal and financial troubles) or that Stertz has characterized the concerns over Mathis' application as overblown and that people need to move on (away from Mathis' application).

Gibson was unavailable to take my call.  I did speak with Peter Michaels, who seemed irritated with my concern and said the station would deal with this "if it came up again."

When I explained that Proud Terri appears to be uninterested in letting the controversy go, he reluctantly indicated station management would think about what to do.  But he was unspecific as to when or if they would do anything in light of the current status of their breach of journalistic standards.

Mr. Gibson needs to hear from concerned Arizonans, especially Tucsonans, about this situation.

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