Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Friday, February 4, 2011

Arizona's latest attack on gov't By, For and Of the PEOPLE

Prescott rancher and GOP state Sen. Steve Pierce has introduced SCR1025, a bill to again try to get Arizona voters to repeal, destroy or otherwise undermine Clean Elections.

1.  Article VII, Constitution of Arizona, is proposed to be amended by adding section 19 as follows if approved by the voters and on proclamation of the Governor:
START_STATUTE19.  Public funds prohibited for political campaigns; definition
A.  Notwithstanding any existing statute, ordinance, regulation or rule, this state and its political subdivisions shall not:
1.  Spend public funds to provide campaign support for candidates for public office.
2.  Provide any tax credit or deduction in connection with providing public funds to candidates for public office.
3.  Assess taxes, fees or surcharges of any kind, if any portion of the taxes, fees or surcharges are used to provide monies to candidates for public office.
B.  Any public funds that may have been designated to provide campaign support for candidates for public office before the effective date of this section shall be deposited in the state general fund on the effective date of this section.
C.  For the purposes of this section, "public funds" means any monies derived by this state or its political subdivisions from taxes, fees, penalties, surcharges, payments or receipts of any kind.

According to the All Over the Map study by the nonprofit Public Campaign, small donors are able to contribute at greater levels than ever before.  "This can only help engage more people in politics."  In other words, government more responsive to the people of Arizona.

On Monday afternoon, Feb 7, the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on SCR1025.

Don't let them get away with it. Make your voice heard.  Call AND email these lawmakers and tell them to vote NO on this bill.

Sen. Ron Gould, Chairman  602-926-4138
Sen. Andy Biggs, Vice Chairman   602-926-4371
Sen. Adam Driggs   602-926-3016
Sen. Steve Gallardo   602-926-5830
Sen. John McComish  602-926-5898
Sen. Rick Murphy  602-926-4444
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema  602-926-5058
Sen. Steve Yarbrough    602-

UPDATE Tuesday, Feb 8:

On Monday, Feb 7, SCR1025 received a Do Pass recommendation from the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 6-2 vote along party lines.  The two NAY votes were cast by Sens. Steve Gallardo and Kyrsten Sinema. 

One reason this bill did not raise much outrage is because most of the attention by the media and protesters at that hearing was focused on the Birthright Citizenship bills.  Subterfuge by misdirection.

The bottom line for Arizona is that there are many bad bills being processed during this year's regular session of the state legislature.

Even though the Birthright Citizenship bills were not voted on in this hearing (after hours of discussion), the bills are not dead.  Senate President Pearce today assigned the bills to the Appropriations committee instead because he believes he has enough Republican support on that committee to get the bills approved.

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