Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Republican briefing on redistricting

The Arizona Eagletarian heard that a meetup took place yesterday (Feb 22) at the home of  Arizona Diamondbacks owner/general partner Ken Kendrick.  The purpose of the meetup was to discuss, from the rep'lican (extreme right-wing) perspective, the upcoming redistricting process and what to expect. 

I understand that this group is gearing up to do anything and everything it can to keep from having any more competitive political climate than currently exists in Arizona.
And given that Russell Pearce and Kirk Adams are aggressively pursuing an extremely partisan agenda in the current legislative session at the state capitol, this dramatically underscores the urgency for the rest of Arizona to mobilize to demand competitive districts in the process set to begin next week.

The next milestone in Arizona Redistricting takes place tomorrow afternoon, Feb 24.  The Independent Redistricting Commission will meet at 2:30 pm in the State Library Conference Room, at the capitol, for the purpose of selecting the fifth commissioner, who will become the new chairman.

I will report on that meeting tomorrow evening.

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