Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oral arguments in redistricting action to take place 2pm Jan 18

The Arizona Supreme Court today allocated 20 minutes each for oral arguments by Pearce/Adams, attorneys for the screening panel, and for the Amici groups (friends of the court) who will file their amicus briefs not later than tomorrow noon.  The group of GOP Arizona Congressmen will get 10 minutes and the group with former ASU president Lattie Coor will get 10 minutes.

I expect to have copies of those briefs later tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and will post about them.  The court order does, however, indicate that the GOP Congressmen will be supporting Pearce/Adams' special action and the Lattie Coor group will oppose it.

Also, tremendous news today, as reports from the University Medical Center in Tucson state that Gabby Giffords has made great progress today, having sat up, opened her eyes for 10-15 minutes and has moved both of her legs and both arms.

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